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The Cottage, Rocklands Road, Shropham, Norfolk, NR17 1DU
t: 01953 498143
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We aim to create inspiring places for living, working, learning and playing.
We believe that the involvement of a community in relevant projects strengthens a design and improves the level of benefit gained. Our experience in community participation informs not only our approach to community-based projects but also how we work with our domestic clients.

We aim to create responsible architecture through passive, energy efficient, low-maintenance design proposals for all building types. Our office has always promoted the exceeding of building codes and regulations in affordable ways, to ensure that we minimise negative environmental impact. Where appropriate we aim to maximise our use of local materials.

We aim to create architecture to inspire and enjoy. Our design approach integrates our experience and appreciation of local vernacular crafts and our constant desire to explore opportunities for new spaces, new materials, and new interpretations of old materials. We believe that intelligent building design significantly improves users' enjoyment of a building as well as its longevity and long term cost-effectiveness. We enjoy working together with clients and building users on all projects from the largest to the very smallest, as it is only by working together that we can create successful buildings that add enjoyment and pleasure to life.

We are an RIBA Chartered Practice